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Write a report of at least 150 words describing the information shown. 3 per annum. Working hours of other professionals varied with doctors writers programmers lawyers and chefs working approximately 52 46 35 and 32 hours per The following bar chart illustrates how often people went to fast food restaurants in the USA in the 3 years 2003 2006 and 2013 . The For more information and help with your IELTS test visit IELTSAdvantage. Some people believe that studying at university or college is the best route to a successful career while others believe that it is better to get a job straight after school. bar chart 11. Apart from study material you will be able to do proper The given pie chart represents the percentage of food consumption by the teenagers in Australia in 2000. Earnings are in US dollars . IELTS Simon 39 s Online Classroom. It is clear that American people ate outside once a week and once or twice a month mainly. Thread by LokomoPeter IELTS ACADEMIC EXAM MAY 2020 NEW ZEALAND Writing test Writing task 1 a report We were given two bar charts with perf distribution of number of people sharing a house in the UK in 2 different time periods.

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For me, it is a matter of how much time I can spend promoting my book. Yes, you can do it yourself, and on my own Ive managed to land articles in such publications as Entrepreneur magazine. But my time is limited and I need others to help me promote my book. Cynthia Kocialski is the founder of three tech start ups companies. Cynthia writes the popular Start up Entrepreneurs Blog and has written the book, Startup From The Ground Up Practical Insights for Entrepreneurs, How to Go from an Idea to New Business. All scholarly genres are not the same. Lets dismiss at the outset the fantasy that a dissertation is basically no different than a monograph. Both require many of the same skills, but the variables of voice, audience, and purpose diverge radically. To offer only one example, the immediate audience for approval of a dissertation is ones supervising committee of three or four professors, whereas in the case of a publishable book it encompasses a more numerous and far flung cohort of specialists, not all of whom will be receptive to your projects conceptual orientation. That variance admitted, certain qualities are bedrock in all academic prose. At the risk of reducing them to a perhaps familiar litany, Ill enumerate four of them. The sterility of dissertationese is deadly. This caveat includes the penchant for anthropomophisms and jargon, absolutely lethal when combined e. g. , My study argues that the essentialism of this authors reconstructionist agenda, which defies the strictures of Edward Saids cautions about the phenomenon of Orientalism, unintentionally reverses the subalterns plight in neocolonialist and post Ghandi India, thereby inscribing a rhetoric of retrenchment. No one communicates this way. You shouldnt indulge in such gobbledygook either. If youre not sure of your work, seek the assistance of a good dissertation editing service. Avoid like cholera the crippling poses of depersonalization. Such artifices as The author proposes, unfortunately rampant in the social sciences, and its disguise through clumsy use of subjunctive verbs and the passive voice always raise red flags. The first person pronoun I is permissible, if not overused, in scholarly discourse.

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