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Holness said "there's been some sentiments that were not nice. However, my focus is on the bigger issue: What's fair, what's right, that we set rules and laws and regulations and they ought to be followed. " " is much better than taxis which are old cop cars painted yellow and driven by dirty people who barely speak English and take forever to come pick people up when ordering a ride and then get lost on purpose to increase the fare. " " exemplary service is clearly superior to the dirty, filthy taxis that show up at my home with foreign drivers that barely speak English and don't know their way around town. " "I have been telling everyone I know that is the future. The drivers spoke English, carried on a reasonable conversation with me and picked me up in a late model clean car. The experience was such a positive one that I have sworn off of cabs in the future. " "I have lived downtown for the past 10 years and have had to rely on the Banana Republic cab services, undependable, overpriced thieves, and just down right scary. If we claim to have a 'World Class Sea Port, Airport and vacation destination' please please please don't allow it to be spoiled or jeopardize it with only the current 'Third World cab company's' inferior incompetent overpriced service. " Yellow Cab President John Camillo said 82 to 85 percent of his drivers are Haitian.

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You will need your current MAC student ID with you in order to check out library materials. This collection offers unlimited simultaneous user access to a large selection of multidisciplinary EBSCO eBook titles covering a wide range of academic subject matter including Art, Business and Economics, Education, Health and Fitness, History, Language and Literature, Medical, Political Science, Religion, Social Sciences, and Technology. In addition you will find titles that cover popular topics such as Cooking, Crafts and Hobbies, Family, Recreation and Leisure, and Self Help. Academic Search Premier EBSCOhostThis multi disciplinary database provides full text for more than 4,600 journals, including full text for nearly 3,900 peer reviewed titles. JSTORAn archive of multidiscipline journal articles from the most significant academic journals, covering the humanities, sciences and social sciences including history, political science, sociology, economics, literature, philosophy, ecology, mathematics, and statistics. The ProQuest Platform provides in depth search methods and access to articles on social, political, educational, global issues, and more from the SIRS Issues Researcher and Publicly Available Content databases.

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Our Chickens diets are only supplemented with Certified Organic feeds. We offer local delivery services Monday and Thursday, on farm pickup by appointment only, and bulk meat discounts. While we follow organic practices as close as we can, we are not currently certified organic. Pastured Steps Family Farm, Dan Walter, PO Box 992, Midlothian, TX 76065. 469 612 3531. E mail: . Website: reen Hills Poultry, LLC is located near D'Hanis, Texas, about 40 miles west of San Antonio. We raise pastured poultry and specialize in slower growing breeds that produce a unique taste. Our feed is milled locally and contains no soy, no antibiotics, and no hormones. Our pastures are fertilized and maintained using organic techniques. We process the poultry in an Exempt P. L. 90 492 processing facility built on the farm. Green Hills Poultry, LLC, Travis Krause, 2954 FM 22005 / PO Box 384, D'Hanis TX. 78850. 830 426 9232. E mail: . Website: reener Vision Farms would like to share our vision with you: farm fresh eggs from well loved chickens, and local fresh produce and honey. We are located in downtown Kempner, Texas and convenient to the Killeen, Copperas Cove, and Lampasas areas less than an hour from Temple, Leander, or Georgetown. Our signature product is farm fresh eggs. Our chickens are encouraged to roam free on 30 acres. Their houses are towed to new locations every six months to minimize impact on the land. They are fed scratch grains, non medicated vegetarian chicken feed, and day old bread. No routine antibiotics are used. Our store is a separate property with 2 acres cultivated and organically managed, though not certified organic. We use no chemical fertilizers or poisons. We hope to produce as much as possible of what we sell. We only sell produce from other growers if we can tell you exactly who grew it and how it was grown. The store will be open seasonally check website for days and hours, but eggs are available year round. Just call or email and well arrange to meet you with some. Greener Vision Farms, Michael and Heidi Phillips, 115 Peach Street, Kempner TX 76539.

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