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Sure, many sit in the car or on the couch thinking about life and their career and have a general idea, but until you put it down on paper and follow through with a course of action, you might as well forget it. Start by writing down your goals with a course of action and break it down with what you can do this month, this week and what I can get done today This will help you to not only stay focused, but give you the boost when you feel like giving up. Next, now that youve figured out what you want to do and how youre going to go about doing it with a set blueprint, what does your demo sound like?It cant just sound pretty good And yes, this does take time and money $75 demos wont get the job done. Good and pretty good wont get it It has to knock their socks off and turn the heads of the listeners. Yes, as I mentioned earlier, some with virtually little talent get in, but what Im talking about here is reflected in an overall picture of whats being sent to the AandR director, producer, etc. Not only does this demo sound great, but Should we use it as the final mix in the CD, because its already in the pocket and we wont have to spend anymore production money re cutting any of these songs.

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Precision: It is necessary to do your academic writing precisely and give exact. Choose among the features below and write the feature in the box opposite to the definition. FEATURES: Accuracy, Complexity, Explicitness, Formality, Hedging, Objectivity, Precision, ResponsibilityfeatureDefinitionWritten language has longer words, it is lexically more dense and it has a more varied vocabulary. It uses more noun based phrases than verb based phrases. Written texts are shorter and the language has more grammatical complexity, including more subordinate clauses and more passives. In general this means that in an essay you should avoid colloquial words and expressions. In academic writing you need to be exact when you use information, dates or figures. Do not use "a lot of people" when you can say "50 million people". Written language is in general impersonal. It therefore has fewer words that refer to the writer or the reader.

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