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The pantry, located in the university library, is accessible to all members of the campus community during library hours. In 2014, FHSU received a two year $66,000 Kansas Health Foundation grant to improve the infrastructure and leadership of these programs, facilitate the launch of a Fresh Food Friday initiative, provide resources for multiple educational programs related to healthy eating, cooking, and gardening, and support a survey of FHSU students enrolled in on campus courses. This surveythe centerpiece of the current studyallowed the university to measure levels of food insecurity, as well as the extent to which food insecure students were using local supports. The sample for this study consisted of students who were taking at least one on campus course during either the spring, summer, or fall 2015 semester and who were not first year students. First year students were not included in this research for two reasons. At FHSU all first year students not living within 60 miles of the campus are required to live in on campus housing; nearly all students living on campus purchase a meal plan, ensuring seven, 10, or up to 21 meals per week.

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We encourage them to do itto use our material online, in books, newspapers. Margins. Alignment Line Spacing. Font Type and Size. Paragraph Indentation. Page Header. Levels of Heading. Title Page. Reference Page. Perception: nature or nurture?Discuss.

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