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Write out everything, in detail, related to the funeral service you want. Let your family know what you're planning and where to find your documents. If your family isn't informed of the fact that you prearranged your funeral, they may begin arrangements of their own that don't follow your wishes at all. It may also cause a financial problem if you've prepaid for your funeral and they pay for an unnecessary second one. Choose your burial location or cremation details carefully. Your body or ashes are permanently located in the last resting place of your choice. Selecting a casket or urn usually occurs as you choose your burial plot, scattering site or other location, such as a mausoleum. Consider your family's desire to visit your burial location as you make these plans. If your choice of interment is far from family, they may not be able to visit or take care of your burial site. Keep in mind that transporting a deceased family member across state lines can be expensive and has strict regulations. Decide what type of service you want.

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