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That is, instead of assigning students tasks to complete during reading workshop, the TCRWP stands behind the mountains of research that supports teaching students developing a repertoire of strategies that proficient readers use so that they can draw on them whenever they are reading in order to successfully navigate the text. There is specific research to support this practice. In Dole, Brown and Trathens 1996 study on The Effects of Strategy Instruction on the Comprehension Performance of At Risk Students, the results of the study demonstrates the value of strategy instruction in comparison to other effective instruction and the specific value of strategy instruction for far transfer. Their study on strategy instruction was unique in that previous research on strategy instruction has not compared the teaching of strategies to other effective instruction. The results demonstrated the value of strategy instruction when the goal was to understand particular texts and especially when the goal was to understand independently read texts. p.

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college students. A number of universities have turned to web based interventions to reduce heavy episodic drinking. Despite their efficacy, the magnitude of intervention effects tends to be relatively modest. The current project examined the potential utility of a combined interactive text messaging + web based intervention for heavy drinking college students. Results indicated that the combined intervention had a medium to large effect on HDEs compared to Assessment Only Study 1 and a significant incremental effect on HDEs compared to the web based intervention alone Study 2. Cognitive motivational process variables were also examined in each study to identify potential mediational mechanisms to be explored in the future work.

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I forgot to include this example, sorryA was more than B by a margin of 2 percent, or can we use staggering for big differences?For example A is more than B by a staggering 60 percent. Im very grateful for your help. The language use is good, but if these small differences are not significant to the overall picture then it is likely to lower your TA score. Staggering is quite an extreme adjective and includes a personal reaction to the data you are saying I find this staggering I would avoid that. Hi Pauline,I have a question about task 1. If the graph shows the proportion of something, can I use this phrase The graph compares something in percentage terms?And if this is a wrong way of saying it, how can I say it?Thank you for your help. Hi Leo, in percentage terms means when calculated as a percentage so it would be fine to say this. Hello Pauline,I have a question about paragraphing in task 1. We know from the descriptors that in task 2 if we dont write in paragraphs we will get a 5 in CC, but how about task 1?Because in task 1, in the band descriptors for coherence and cohesion, paragraphing is only mentioned for bands 8 and 9, does it mean it is possible to achieve a 7 in CC if we dont write in paragraphs?Thank you. I cant say whether it is possible or not it depends on the answer but it is less likely. My question is this, why would you choose not to use paragraphs when you know this is being assessed in CC?Paragraphs help the reader understand your answer they exist for a reason, so use them to break up your answer logically. Your answer seems to suggest you are looking for ways to reach band 7 and you arent interested in higher level skills. When you try to be efficient in your learning and not waste energy, you miss out on building key skills and important practice. This doesnt make your journey shorter or easier, in my view it makes it more difficult and means it takes you longer to reach your goal. Hi pauline, I have a question. Should we use the pronoun you and imperative mood in IELTS Writing Task 1 when describing a process?I saw one sample from a Cambridge Textbook that does this. first you do this, then you do thatI would never advise using the personal pronoun in writing task 1 can you tell me which book it is?If you read chapters 6 and 7 of The Key to IELTS Success, I talk there about the use of personal pronouns. Youll also find the chapters on vocabulary and grammar useful. Here is a link:lease Kindly comment on my answer whenever it suits your schedule. It is the writing task 1 from The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS on page 264. In fact, Im struggling with word limits as I tend to feel I have already described the key points and there is nothing left to talk about. Id also like to give you my consent to use and re use my answer in any ways or forms. I hope it will be useful and benefit others. Here it is:The chart provides information about the figures for burglary, car theft and robbery in Newport city centre over a period of nine years, between 2003 and 2012. Overall, it is clear that all crime rates were highest from 2003 to 2005, followed by a drop in 2000, while they remained virtually level throughout the rest of the years. Regarding burglary, 2004 saw an all time high at almost 4000 incidents. Similarly, car theft reached just under 3000 in 2004. However, the greatest figures for robbery rose to approximately 9000 in 2005. Followed by that, the rates on these three began to drop in 2006. While car theft picked up and fell again from 2007 to 2008, burglary and robbery continued to experience a steady downward until 2008. However, throughout the years 2009 2012, there had been in some way levelling off and minor trend changes in these three areas of criminal activities. Your answer is exactly 150 words, which is the minimum for this task and it is perfectly fine to produce an answer that is 150 words. One way to add more is to compare the data you are asked to make comparisons where relevant. Ask yourself are any of these patterns similar or very different to each other?Are there any years where you can see that the same drop or rise occurs in several types of crime?Are there any years where one type fell but another rose?If so, comment on that. Your overview is not accurate for all of the data the year 2000 is not represented here and the patter is not the same for all types of crime look carefully at the robbery data compared to burglary. Hi Pauline,You have been of great help to me and I am grateful for what you share here unconditionally.

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