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There are creative ways that FHSU can address this issue. Universities must explore options for offering affordable on campus housing and dining to qualified students. National programs such as Swipe Out Hunger and Single Stop operate on college campuses to make available to students the resources and help they need to secure food. These kinds of partnerships are worth pursuing. It is widely accepted that higher education degree completion can break cycles of poverty; yet, if students cannot perform academically because they are forced to choose between paying rent, eating, or paying tuition, then higher education will merely leave these students more in debt and more impoverished than before they started. It is heartening to note that approximately 25% of FHSU students who show some level of food insecurity use the on campus food pantry. However, this leaves much room for improvement. The Fresh Food Fridays program discussed previously was created at about the time this survey was administered, and the program continues today. The initiative promotes healthy eating by providing students, at no cost, a fresh food item on Fridays on a first come first, served basis. It also helps to enhance awareness of the campus food pantry and its location through weekly campus wide e mail announcements specifying where the fresh food can be picked upan awareness we hope will continue to grow. However, FHSU may need to pursue a more comprehensive approach to the issue of food insecurity among its students than through the food pantry.

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Im no Salinger or Bukowski, but I share their distaste for the status quo, and their perception for seeing through the matrix, as it often appears illusory, at best. Call it paranoia. I dont trust sending my work anywhere without some type of assurance that I wont be mugged and left with an empty wallet, while it gets published under some pseudonym, and the board members at the online publishers office share a joke about it til they wet their pants. Years ago, I had a great idea for an invention. After massive effort, including sending the drawings to both a patent attorneys office as well as the U. S. Senate seat Democrats have dominated all levels of government ever since. In 2008, 72% of Hawaii's voters picked Obama for president. Only District of Columbia voters chose him by a wider margin. The state has given its electoral votes to Republicans only twice in its history: in 1984 and 1972. There's a general sense in Hawaii that the Democratic Party, and the unions that support it, decide elections behind the scenes, before people vote. It's hard not to find some truth to that when you talk to people like Laura Thielen, whom I met one morning on the side of a highway. She was waving to commuters and smiling while holding a sign with her name on it. This sign waving tradition, as it's called here, emerged in part because Hawaii bans billboard advertisements. Thielen told me the Democrats didn't want her to run on their party ticket because she hadn't been a member of the organization long enough. That seems suspect because her mother is a prominent Republican, and Thielen worked under a Republican governor. She says she's always espoused Democratic values, she just hadn't registered with the organization, since Hawaii has an open primary voting system. The Republicans, meanwhile, have lots of trouble finding candidates who want to sign up. Seventeen of 51 state House races and 10 of 25 Senate races are uncontested because the Republicans did not put up a challenger, said Blom, from the Republican Party. That sounds ambitious. But right now, there's only one Republican in the state Senate: Sam Slom, one of the feistiest politicians in the state.

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