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Despite its considerable challenges, this work is rewarding. I once explained to Christian students in my introductory religion course that the Muslim practice of praying five times a day addresses humans propensity to forget their deepest values and behave in a self centered manner while engaging with the world. Many of my students nodded as I offered this explanation, presumably recognizing this propensity in themselves. Helping my students appreciate Muslim tradition was particularly gratifying given the stereotypes about Islam that flourish in the United States today. It also underscored for me how studying diverse religions can be a way for my students to enrich their own spiritual self understanding. Returning to the fruit salad metaphor, I would observe that few of us live in a world that consists entirely of apples or oranges.

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Students then research the social issue and read three to five articles on the topic. Based on their experience and library research, students make recommendations for future action. This reflection activity is useful in inter disciplinary courses and provides students flexibility within their disciplinary interests and expertise to pursue issues experienced at the service site. Class presentations of the experiential research paper can culminate semester work. Julie Hatcher, IUPUI. 14.

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Children of a college grad are more likely to have a better quality of life and pursue extended education themselves. Those children also have a much easier time getting into good schools because their parents have emphasized the importance of an education to them. They also tend to have better grades and test scores. As experts often state, children of college grads even those who don't attend college themselves are more motivated to reach for their dreams. They know that their parents pushed through adversity to earn their degrees, and they apply that same philosophy to going after what they want in life a bar that is placed that much higher by having college educated parents. Although financial enrichment is one of the main reasons people choose to pursue higher education, there are many other benefits to obtaining that degree. You better yourself through improved self confidence and enhanced decision making ability, which also betters the lives of your family members and others around you. Lizzie Wann is the Content Director for Bridgepoint Education. She oversees all website content and works closely with New Media, Career Services and Student Services for Ashford University. Brazen Life is a lifestyle and career blog for ambitious young professionals. Hosted by Brazen Careerist, we offer edgy and fun ideas for navigating the changing world of work this isn't your parents' career advice blog. Be Brazen. Gaston College students, faculty and staff share a committed responsibility to nurture a mentoring, collaborative, and diverse culture of skilled lifelong learners who are empowered to succeed in a constantly changing world. Self growth and empowerment are realized through many innovative processes, including an effective balance of assessment and evaluation. Empowered people set and achieve high standards of quality, create challenges for themselves and others, and support an active learner centered environment offering real life educational experiences. This is a useful feature for forming habits. Lets say you want to meditate daily, or study five times a week, or read for an hour daily. You can use this feature to allow the app to choose a time for you to complete this goal. You can enter what type of goal it is and theres even a list of goals to choose from, based on category. Hey, I'm Dayna!I'm a 20 year old medical student from Jamaica. Welcome to my blog!This blog is my creative outlet through which I share my experiences and tips relating to aspects of my lifestyle such as natural hair, college, diet and health and self love. What is higher education?Well, higher education is considered the last step in formal education. It follows the achievement of a high school diploma and generally involves the completion of a degree. Most recognized definitions explain higher education within the confines of a college or university that awards degrees, and in some cases, certifications. Questions over the efficacy of a college degree continue to challenge the higher education community. Is it really worth the investment?A college degree is expensive. Theres really no way around that fact. If you cut away the population of students who are going full ride, you still have a substantial number of degree seekers who will come out of college with insurmountable debt. Its a terrifying fact that many use as reasoning not to pursue a degree. But, lets take a step back and think about college education as more than investing in a future job. Instead, lets think of it in terms of what it affords an opportunity to transform.

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